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Our History

Poetry from 2011 to 2013; Underground Poetry Spot

Since 2011 I've been On the Spot. I was named On the Spot when I went to the Underground Poetry Spot in Syracuse, NY. Every time I went there I would write a poem and do it at the open mic. The second time I went there Seneca "The Motivational Poet" Wilson and Aaron "Fasho" Hudson gave me the name and it has stuck ever since. I was a member of the Underground Poetry Spot from February 2011 until 2013. Being a member of the Underground Poetry Spot was integral in my growth as a poet. Every poet within the group taught me things that have stuck with me ever since. Within my time as a member of the Underground Poetry Spot I competed in various poetry slams all over New York State, some individual some team.

What is a poetry slam?

I was a member of team Underground Poetry Spot for the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) Poetry Slam in Buffalo, NY and was also a member of team Underground Poetry Spot for WordFest in Albany, NY. Individually in the state of New York I've performed in poetry slams in Buffalo at the University of Rochester, Utica, Syracuse University, Suffern, New York City, and Long Island. I've featured at Adelphi University in Long Island and I've performed at Street Poets NYC and the Nuyorican Café. In 2013 I released my poetry chapbook entitled Intoxicated.

I also put on my first show in 2013 called Art, Rhythm, and Rhyme in Syracuse, NY with Salvatore Chisari of Red Brick Records.

Poetry in 2014; PoemStars

I became a member of PoemStars in 2014. I was introduced to the Long Island based poetry group by a good friend of mine Cory Washington aka Jersey Campbell. While in the group I finished writing a short film with Jersey Campbell, "One Cruel Spin" as well as other collaborative poetry that we performed around Long Island and New York City. I also toured parts of Long Island and New York City with group founder and leader Jay Vegas.

Poetry in 2015; California

2015 probably has to go down as one of the craziest years of my life. I broke up with the girl that I loved, I made a hasty move to California to pursue writing and school that eventually lead to me being a homeless veteran and sleeping in my school parking garage. Throughout the ups and downs, though, for the two and a half months that I lived in my car I performed poetry at three or four open mics a week around Los Angeles as well as continued my writing process. I've performed at Da Poetry Lounge off of Fairfax Ave in LA, LA Word Salon (LAWS) off of Sunset Blvd., the Cork Lounge in Sherman Oaks, the Pig n Whistle in Hollywood, East Side Poetry in Montebello. I've featured at tr!p Santa Monica, the Cinema Bar in Culver City, LA Word Salon, the Lexington in DTLA. I helped coordinate a show and performed at ArtShare LA. 2015 was an amazing year for my creative growth, and for meeting people with like ambitions.

Poetry in 2016

I left Los Angeles in early 2016 because I was having trouble getting into school. CSULA was switching from a quarter system to semester system and wouldn't allow any new students. Without school happening, I had no money coming in since my G.I. Bill doesn't work unless I'm in school. My cousin Zach flew out to LA from Indianapolis and drove with me from Los Angeles back to Indianapolis. I filmed in every state, took photos in every state, and I wrote a poem in each state detailing my journey back home. Those works are entitled, 'Day Tripper,' which is coming out before New Year's 2017. I'm working on my third book of poetry that is a novella entitled, "The Last Day of Last Fall,' and I finally plan to get "One Cruel Spin" out as either a short film or a performance type of project to immerse all the senses. Stay tuned, and follow me on the blog.


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