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by on 12 September, 2016

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Everything has been more than amazing since I've made my second attempt at Los Angeles.

I haven't fully divulged all of the details that happened my last time in Los Angeles, but this is going to be the space where I will be doing this. This post is going to be a sort of primer. Call it bullet points, an introduction into what the rest of the posts for the month will be about. I will detail my homelessness (Living in my car for three months) to getting out of my car to becoming broke and having to go back to Syracuse, New York and what I did there to propel me to eventually get back to Los Angeles. If Magic isn't really, I don't know what is because everything has been nothing short of magical. The proof is in the pudding.

Meditate, think real hard on what you want to do. Once you really feel what you want, the thing that is really deep inside of you, outline and write down the plan. This is how you will set your intent. Once you've meditated and set your intent, finish your outline and figure out how you're going to work through the steps to achieve your end goal. BE FLEXIBLE. Just because you have a plan in place, don't think it's going to work out properly from the jump, because nothing in life works exactly how we see it. If we maintain our diligence through what we're doing and strive no matter how many bumps in the road there are, the end result will seem a lot closer than when we started.

Instead of these just being words that fall on deaf ears, I'm going to document parts of my process that are pertinent to this conversation and to this discussion. How many times do we hear or read something and say, "Yeah, I already know that." We think we know things, but we generally might not have any idea. When people tell us to listen to them, but you have the idea in your head, sometimes it doesn't fully click until we stumble, or unless we see the idea working in a physical, tangible manner. I am going to make my story physical through my blog, and show how my process has went to make it more tangible for everyone.

Nobody can do this by themselves, so it's time we start working together, and building each other up.

IamOntheSpot ... I am the Unusualvariant. The thing about that is, you are too. Together we can make this happen if we work together and act as a community.


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