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by on 18 October, 2016

Getting to Homeless Featured

The last time I posted I said the next post would be about my homelessness in Los Angeles

Due to unforeseen circumstances my first time around in Los Angeles, I became homeless and was living in my car. I already had an Associate’s of Arts, but Cal State LA wouldn’t accept my math credit, so I had to go to Pasadena City College to get that credit. Unfortunately, Pasadena City College has no housing, or dorms. On top of that, since I already had my Associate’s, they wouldn’t give me financial aid since I’d already graduated from a two-year school. Being that I now had to pay for my tuition and I wasn’t getting financial aid, the housing money that I was allotted from my GI Bill would have to go towards my $3,000 tuition. I ended up contacting the Volunteers of America, an organization that’s supposed to help homeless Veterans find housing. During the time I was working with them, I was given many false leads on housing that had already been rented, or landlords that didn’t show up to appointments. On top of that, when they did find housing for me, the apartments weren’t in the best parts of Compton.

I ended up living in my car for three months. Out of the total time of staying in my car I would say that the amount of times that I didn’t have to stay in it was less than ten. I had absolutely no leads on apartments. If your credit score is under 650 your application gets pushed to the bottom of the list. I called over two hundred apartments, even with the Volunteers of America backing me, nothing came to fruition. It came to the point of getting a storage unit so my things would be safe, and an L.A. Fitness membership so that I could shower. I’d met many great people before I lived in my car, but in Los Angeles, with the cost of living, and gentrification happening everywhere, there wasn’t a place for me to fit. Instead of sweating to death in my car every day in the hot sun, living in my car made me really go after my dreams. I couldn’t sit there and mope. I’m a spoken word poet, I went to four open mics a week so that I could socialize with like-minded people and hone my craft. I slept in the Home Depot in Burbank by my job so I could get there on time so I would be able to eat. After contacting the Chief of Police at Pasadena City College I could sleep in the parking garage. I gave dispatch my license plate number and at least then, I was safe. I made it to all of my classes and got a 3.2 GPA. Regardless of the situation, good, or bad, remember what you’re fighting for.

What are you doing, what are you crushing, let me know, let us know;

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Through all of this; be humble, be kind, be divine. IamOntheSpot and together, we are the unusualvariant.





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