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by on 24 October, 2016

Out of my car, into life Featured

Out of my car, into life.

Me not being able to get into CSULA for the fall, and having to go to Pasadena City College in Fall 2015, hindered me from being able to stay in California. CSULA declined me for math credit, I had to go to P.C.C. for said math credit. PCC has no dorms, so they directed me to the Volunteers of America. The Volunteers of America only gave me dry leads on housing. Meaning every lead they gave me was filled months ago. If the lead wasn't filled months ago, I had to live in Compton, or worse, living in a bad area, and driving 45 minutes to an hour to and from school. Living in my car was the best option at that point. I got out of my car because of sheer timing. My cousin Jordan tagged me in a friend from Syracuse's facebook post. It was a video of him filming in downtown Los Angeles. I messaged him asking him how long he was going to be in L.A. for. He said forever. He asked the same question, I had the same reply as him, forever. He asked where I was living, I told him that I was living in my car. Within a week he found me a place to live, and I was moved in within three weeks.

No matter where you are, you never know, when help will find you.

What are you doing, what are you crushing, let me know, let us know;

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Through all of this; be humble, be kind, be divine. IamOntheSpot and together, we are the unusualvariant.


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