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by on 31 October, 2016

Grey Clouds Lingering Featured

Above and around my head. 

The fog was never lifted, the grey clouds still swirled around me. Anything bad that can and could've happened, did. I had a place to live, but without being able to get in school, my money was on a steady decline. My car key broke in half just before thanksgiving. The job that I made sure I got to every single day on time while I was homeless fired me because they said my car key breaking wasn't an emergency. Checkmate me. I needed to stay in California for a full year so that I would be an in-state student. So that my G.I. Bill would fully work, and that my tuition would be fully paid. My roommate Johnny White was very accomodating in that sense. I didn't want to leave Los Angeles, I didn't want to go back home to New York and feel like a failure. Johnny told me that he had to leave California once before, but it's been perfect ever since he came back. I didn't feel great even after his words, but they did have a somewhat soothing effect. 

I'd gotten a hold of Cal State Los Angeles. The only thing I had to do before I left California was to deliver my transcripts to them, but before that I had a bunch of mini-adventure and side quests. Pay attention, on Friday it's about to get laid on thicker.

What are you doing, what are you crushing, let me know, let us know;

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Through all of this; be humble, be kind, be divine. IamOntheSpot and together, we are the unusualvariant.


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