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Written and recorded during my time in Los Angeles and mastered by producer and good friend @AudioPrizm. The poem title pretty much describes it perfectly. Image was taken by me in Chittenango, New York on a boom lift above a gravel bed.
Written in New Mexico on my drive from Los Angeles, California back to Syracuse, New York. My cousin Zach drove from California to Indianapolis so I could take photos, video, write, and record. My great friend and producer @AudioPrizm who I have a great deal of respect, and is a pleasure to work with--He mastered this track before I got back to Syracuse. The photo is taken just inside of the New Mexico border, the Land of Enchantment.
Recorded at my good friend Maltempo's house in the heart of Syracuse. Remastered by my good friend and producer @AudioPrizm. Track is for the Syracuse Orange Men's Basketball team as they take on Middle Tennessee State in the Second Round of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. March Madness, Baby.
Written in Texas on my drive back from Los Angeles, California to Syracuse, New York. Recorded on my Zoom recorder during the drive. Sent to my producer @AudioPrizm who remastered it before I got back to Syracuse. I am blessed to work with this man, check him out, big things for both of us on the horizon. The image that is used for the track was taken in Texas as well during the drive.
Traveling cross country from LA to Syracuse, NY. Recorded on my voice recorder and mastered by my producer and good friend @AudioPrizm. Picture provided is also a photo from Oklahoma when I drove through. I'm still on my voyage, on the way to Columbus tonight.


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