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Be Humble Be Kind

When we're all under attack who will be there to have your back?

There's Always Beauty

There's always beauty right in front of us.

All Over the Place

We all sway in different ways.

The Foundation of Our Roots

The foundation of our roots is still there, after 500 years of disrepair.

315 Good Vibes

Let yourself go, you never know what could happen.

Rabble Rabble Rabble

I feel like I'm in an episode of South Park with what's going on politically in this country.

Day by Day

The hardest pieces of advice that I've had to listen to are; "take it day by day." "Don't move too fast." "Slow down."

Welcome to IamOntheSpot

Welcome to IamOntheSpot. It has been a long time coming for me and for us, but that time is now finally here. With the help of my good friend Ren at Print With Design everything I've been envisioning is finally going to come true.

Move too Fast Take a Step Back

Move too fast? Take a step back! Sounds really simple, but people, as well as myself get pretty confused with this concept. When we force-feed people who are not ready to digest our messages, they throw up.

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