Mark Bowers

"They told him to build god
so he put the people in his hand,
because he couldn't create the 
image of the world as a flawed man."

Who is On the Spot?

I’ve remembered writing poetry since the fourth grade. I’ve written it on and off my whole life, but it’s never fully left me. Something about it drags me back and pulls me in. The essence of poetry is intertwined with my soul. I’ve written poetry, short stories, novellas, you name it, I’ve written it. Upon returning to civilian life in 2009 after being honorably discharged from the Army, I began honing in on my craft. 2011 became my creative renaissance, whatever stage I could find is where you could, and still can find me, On the Spot.

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 Intoxicated features On the Spot's earliest written work. Everything he was feeling and felt, you can feel in these pages. Do the same things that Intoxicated him, intoxicate you?

Day Tripper

Written while driving across the United States from Los Angeles, California to Syracuse, New York. The poems appear in order from when the drive starts and when the drive finishes. Each poem was written in each state that was driven through, giving you the author’s experience as he drives coast to coast. 
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