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a few words about me.

  • I’ve been writing my whole life as long as I can remember.

    I started off doing online RPG types of writing, competitions against other people. That helped me with my competitive spirit and in turn it showed me my love and passion for writing. I’ve written poetry, short stories, novellas, you name it, I’ve written it. I got out of the Army in 2009, and in 2011 I started doing my poetry on whatever stages that I could find. Since 2011 I’ve performed on and off all around New York and Los Angeles notably. I am an up and coming spoken word artist, looking to help shift human consciousness to a positive state of awareness.

My Skills.

  • Writing

    I’ve written a 36 page poetry chapbook entitled Intoxicated which can be purchased in the store on I’ve also written a short film script called, “One Cruel Spin.” One Cruel Spin is in the process of being turned into a theater performance once I return to Los Angeles. I’ve been working on a novella, “The Last Day of Last Fall” since late 2013 and it is almost finished. During my drive from LA to Syracuse from 03/02/16 to 3/10/16 I wrote a poem while going through every state—some will be on the documentary I’m making, “Day Tripper,” I will also have an album version available as well as a book version available shortly. Stay tuned.

  • Performing

    I’ve performed spoken word all over New York State from Syracuse to Buffalo to New York City. I’ve done poetry slams in Toronto and I’ve lived and performed all over Los Angeles from February 2015 to March 2016. I’m currently vacationing at home in Syracuse, New York. I’ll be performing in Syracuse until July, and then when I drive back to LA—every big city that I drive through on the route I will perform at.

  • Film

    I am currently working on getting an active film reel online. I’ve got three short poetry videos that have been done as well as a short film that I did in film school in NYC. I’m working on a documentary right now called “Day Tripper” chronicling my journey that started on 03/02/16 in Los Angeles, California to Syracuse, New York—and then the boomerang back from Syracuse, New York to Los Angeles in late June. Stay tuned, it will be out in the later part of the year. Here’s a link to the poetry videos on this site: (Link)