i am on

the spot. the spot.

-Mark Bowers

Hi, I'm Mark

A multifaceted artist and storyteller, embodies the essence of living in the moment. As a spoken word poet, performer, cinematographer, and writer extraordinaire, he seamlessly weaves his diverse talents into a tapestry of creativity and expression.




“I am On the Spot” – A state of perfect alignment between time, place, and purpose. It’s that magical moment when serendipity meets intentionality, and you find yourself exactly where you need to be, doing exactly what you’re meant to do. It’s about embracing the present moment with open arms, letting the surroundings inspire and guide you, just like a filmmaker capturing the essence of a scene or a poet weaving emotions into words. In this state, life becomes a canvas, and you are the artist, painting your story with every breath and every step.

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